TV Trays

TV tray tableThe TV tray is basically furniture which acts as a mini table. As the name refers, it is specifically designed to be used while one is watching television. Concept of TV trays originated and became popular in the mid twentieth century, more specifically around 1950’s. Initially, they were modelled having a metallic surface for placing food over it and tabular set of legs for providing support. As the technology developed, so did the techniques of manufacturing TV trays. Now they are flexible and could be molded and adjusted as per the user wants. Most of them are made with the help of blow-molded plastics. In the present living world, TV trays are considered as an important household item. They are available in different sizes and colors. TV trays always cost less. Some are made up of wood while those made up of plastics also exist. They could be used for different purposes like one can place food items on it and can have meal while watching television. Some people can use it as a laptop study desk. Others can use it to serve food to children and so on.

Types of TV Trays

Depending upon their usage, nature, material, shape and other characteristics, TV trays can easily be categorized into different types.

Portable TV trayTV trays for sofa are the most widely used trays and allow individuals to place certain items on them. Sofa TV table can be used when you are having a meal and at the same time you are watching your favorite movie or series on television. These trays console dinner table. In this case, just relax, sit comfortably, place the sofa TV table in front of you and enjoy your favorite show. If you have a mood of drawing while enjoy music on television, no need to panic. All you need to do is get your sofa TV table, and do your work as you want to. You can also use it as a working table. If you are a football lover and there is an ongoing match between Barcelona and Madrid and you have your office work to do, well just grab your sofa TV table and enjoy your match while placing your laptop and files on the table and completing your work.

As mentioned earlier, TV trays are just mini tables. They can always be used in place of a regular large size table. No matter if you need a mini table to console dinner table, to study, to paint or to work you can always get one. All mini tables are available in best quality. They cost very little as compared to a regular large size table. Because of their small size, you can place them anywhere in your house and can carry them with you if you are travelling or moving somewhere. Mini trays are also easy to clean and the stain does not adhere to the smooth surfaces of mini tables. Most of them have folded legs and therefore you can adjust the height according to your need. You can place mini trays on the bed, couch, sofa and kitchen.

TV trays for beds are used when you are in bed and want to do some activity. For instance, in winters, if the weather is really cold, children can just stay in bed and do their drawings using the bed TV tray. Students, in same condition, can fetch their TV trays for beds and can do their homework. It becomes a laptop study desk. They can put their copies, books and laptop on it. A sick person, who is on bed rest, can take advantage of bed TV tray and he/she can enjoy his/her meal on the bed while watching television. It is perfect as a console dinner table. Listed below are some top notch table trays available in the market.

Best TV Tray

Table-Mate II Folding TV Tray
Table mate II folding tray provides a very comfortable way of having food. It also has a glass keeping port. You can place your cup or glass in the built in cup holder so that the drink does not spill anywhere on bed or sofa. It is also perfect for the purpose of drawing, you can put your drawing book over it, can adjust it accordingly and can proceed doing it comfortably. This folding tray is also of great use when you are doing some laptop based task. You just need to place your laptop on it and start working.
Sofa Table TV Tray
Sofa table TV tray is a Z shaped tray and this shape allows us to place its legs under sofa or couch and adjust it accordingly. You can use it for various purposes. You can put food, coffee and other food items while watching television. It is perfect for taking meals. It could also be used as a laptop study desk. It is no less than an actual computer desk. You can place your laptop, magazines, pens, markers and books on it along with your favorite snacks and drink. It is very flexible, made of good quality and is easy to adjust.
Aingoo Folding TV Trays 2 Pcs Small Snack Metal Dinner
Aingoo folding trays are best known for their elegance, neatness and style. Its shape make it occupy a very little space and hence can be placed anywhere in the room adding to the beauty of that room. Surface of aingoo folding trays is made up of a very smooth and shiny material. These trays are very easy to clean and one cleaned, they are tidy as new. You can place CD’s, different books, informative journals and trendy magazines along with beautiful vases containing colorful flowers. These trays are tall in length and therefore one can also place the telephone on them.
Wood 5-piece Folding TV Tray & Snack Table
Wood folding TV tray is a set of five trays which are specially designed for gatherings. These are made up of a very firm and solid material which is of excellent quality. Wood folding trays are long lasting and attractive. Whenever there is a family gathering or a birthday party just bring in these tables. You can place all sorts of items on them. If food is dropped or drink is spilled over these TV trays, just softly wipe out with a smooth piece of cloth. They are not heavy and therefore can easily be moved where they are needed.
5 Piece Tray Table Set Folding Wood TV
A wooden TV tray is made up of a very fine quality of wood which is firm and durable. You do not need to worry about the tray being broken down because the material used is long lasting and strong. It is flexible in nature and very easy to clean. This wooden TV tray could also be used as a couch table when someone wants to have their meal while watching television or when someone wants to work while sitting comfortably on a couch. You can place your laptop and books as well, hence it becomes a study table too.

Best Bed Tray

Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs
Folding wooden bed tray is a perfect solution to your bed time breakfast problems. It is manufactured from a bamboo material and is highly firm and long lasting. Its bamboo texture provides a graceful touch to the home interior. As it has folding legs, you can either use it along with legs or can fold them if you want to use it in flat form. It does not occupy a large space and is adjustable within small areas. Cleaning it is an easy task. Just take a small amount of soap and a piece of cloth and rinse it thoroughly.
Large Size Laptop Tray Desk
Large size wooden tray is also made up of bamboo which gives it a completely elegant look. The material used does not decay or get rough easily. It is easy to clean the stains as the surface is smooth. Its height is adjustable so one can position it according to his/her height or comfortable zone. It could be used for various things. It is perfect for having relaxing meals. It could be used as a study table. Students can put their books, copies etc. One can place laptop on it and can work. You can also serve food to children using this wooden tray.
Home Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray
Lap desk tray is very easy to carry and feasible to use. It is least heavy and that’s why you can take it with you wherever you go. It contains a drawer where you can put small important things and they are kept safe there. Legs of lap desk tray are foldable and that is the very reason you can make it flat and can use it as a lap tray. Its surface can be tilted and positioned accordingly. Wooden texture enhances its grace and is environment friendly which means that it could easily be recycled, reused and renewed.